52 Mordaunt Circuit Canning Vale - WA


Care-A-Van is a registered repairer with a reputation for quality.

At Care A Van, we love taking care of our customers, and their caravans. We know that getting out into the world and exploring the amazing landscapes Australia has to offer is important to our customers, and so we want to make your journey as safe as possible.

Your caravan should be properly serviced every 10,000 kilometres, or before you set off on a long trip. Our team ensures that every part of your caravan is in working order so that you can safely head off on your trip, and return to your loved ones in a reliable vehicle.

We do this by checking and adjusting the main areas in your caravan.


Wheels and Brakes
  • Wheel nut tension: adjusting if necessary, and ensuring that the torque is correct
  • Tyre pressure and tread wear: making sure your tyres are safe to drive
  • Caravan brakes: checking that your brakes are working properly
  • Brake shoes and handbrakes: adjusting and testing
  • Wheel bearings: cleaning dirt and build up from your wheel bearings
  • Suspension: ensuring that your suspension is tightened
  • Drum brakes: checking for shoe wear and drum wear
  • Brake magnets: inspecting for wear and tear, and wiring problems
  • Brake wiring: confirming that the wires are working properly
  • Shock absorbers: the mounting bolts should be tightened
  • Chassis: maintaining the state of the chassis and ensuring that there are not dents, scratches, or wear and tear.
Electricity and Wires
  • Electrical wiring: inspecting the security and damage
  • Internal electrical fittings: checking that your lights, switches, and sockets are working properly
  • Trailer wiring: testing the circuits and inspecting the trailer lights and plug
  • Headlights: inspecting the headlights, left and right indicators, fog lamps, hazard lights, and reversing lights, as well as checking that the glass is in good condition
  • Batteries: ensuring that all batteries are changed and properly connected
Gas and Plumbing
  • Gas Lines: ensuring that all the gas lines are secure and connected properly
  • Internal plumbing: inspecting all the internal plumbing, and making sure that the shower, toilet, and all sinks are functioning as they should be
  • Air conditioner: ensuring that the air conditioning is mounted properly, and is in working order
  • Hot water system: inspecting the hot water system, and checking that it is operating correctly
  • Water tank and hoses: checking that there are no breaks or potential leaks in your water
  • Leaks: testing all water equipment, including the water pump, to ensure that there are no leaks
  • Water system: ensuring that all water is flowing correctly, that there are no blockages, and that the filters have been changed.
Interior Servicing
  • Lighting: checking that all interior and exterior lights are working properly
  • Appliances: making sure that your fridge, hot plate, and other built-in appliances are working and that there are no wiring or gas line issues
  • Doors and windows: testing the doors and windows, and oiling the hinges and locks
  • Vents: cleaning and inspecting all ventilation
  • Awning: ensuring that the awning is operating correctly
  • Smoke alarm: testing that the smoke alarm is working
  • Fire extinguisher: making sure that your caravan has a fire extinguisher and that it is in date and not due to expire soon
  • Seals: inspecting the seals on the doors, windows and roof to ensure that no rain, dirt, or insects can come into your caravan.